Data since 11.4+ patch

About Smite Master

Smite Master actively develop by one person. The project aims to provide up-to-date statistics on all ranked and casual modes in Smite. The data is updated on an hourly and cleared after a global patch is released. This means that after the release of the update, you can already observe which gods are the best in a certain mode and which ones would be better to ban.

Together with Smite Mater, you can not only see the statistics of the god in a certain mode on the Win rate, Ban rate, Pick rate, but also see what items players buy the most and what percentage of wins this items have.

You can also see together with which and against which gods your chosen character is good or bad. For convenience, you can filter the statistics of all or an individual god in the mode by rank (Bronze, Silver, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Grandmaster).

For fans of Conquest, there is a special feature by which you can filter the gods by their role in the game (Jungle, Solo, Carry, Mid, Support).

Big plans have been mapped to the project and only your activity will help me develop the project further.